4 Pros and Cons of Living in Ohio


Whether we like it or not, Ohio tends to be the rear end of several jokes.  The biggest problem with that is that Ohio is a gorgeous state to live in with many kind and warm people.  As a state, they also support Medical Marijuana Doctors which is a wonderful benefit for the citizens and the economy.


Low Cost of Living

Approximately $220K.  That’s it.  That is the average cost of a home in Ohio.

The average price of a house hovers between $400K and $500K.  Ohio stands above many other states with it’s affordable housing market.

Compared to other states that have fluctuating populations, Ohio is one of ten states that offer the lowest prices in the housing market.  But the biggest part that makes Ohio a great place to live is the job market.

Booming Job Market

If you take a moment to read the labor market review for Ohio, there are a few things that stand out.

There are more jobs provided than lost in Ohio.  The very first pages of their labor review indicate a growing need for employees in the state.  While many jobs are going to see an average employee loss, the overall gain in employees in Ohio far outweighs the loss of employment.

Since the pandemic started, Ohio has been one of the few states to more easily recover from the unemployment issues.  While they aren’t fully recovered with an unemployment rate of 3.9%, Ohio is continually decreasing their unemployment rate.

Fantastic Park System

If you love being outdoors, then Ohio is a great place for you.  The state is connected by a series of parks.  Can you guess how many?

A quick search on the Ohio State Park website and you’ll see that there are well over 70 different parks!  There are so many parks that they easily collide into one another which makes for a massive state park.

Better Healthcare

This pro is a little double-edged.  The healthcare in Ohio is some of the best healthcare that you can get in the states.  Because of this, their healthcare is also more expensive.

It does make sense that if you are getting top of the line care that you will have to pay more. Just keep this in mind when looking at state health insurance.


Heroin Epidemic

It doesn’t matter what city or state you go to, there are always going to be cons … this is just a big con.  Ohio has been dealing with a heroin epidemic caused by the misallocation of prescription drugs.

Heroin analogues (medicine that is related to heroin) were prescribed in abundance for quite some time.  When access to those medications was withdrawn due to addiction issues, the heroin epidemic truly started.

Big City Crime Rates

If you look just at the crime rates in Ohio, then the amount of crimes per year may not seem that bad.  However, if you broaden the picture to the rest of the United States, there are a few issues that can be seen.

Ohio ranks at number 30 in crime with a population of almost 12 million people.  The most dangerous city to live in is Linndale that only has a population of 190 people.  Both smaller and larger cities are going to see similar crime rates.

Segregation Still Exists?

Until 1965, Ohio still had landowners that discriminated against others.  Despite the ending of discrimination in schools, segregation now occurs through attitudes and, at times, violently pushing people out of specific areas of the state.

The state is visibly divided when you look at the correlation between education, race, and socio-economic status.  Those that are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color) are relegated to lower income areas with poorer education.

The Weather is Insane

Ohioans have a step up on Southerners who watch storms from their porch.  Not only is the state right next to Lake Erie which covers ¾ of the northern border, but it is also close to the other Great Lakes that help freezing Canadian storms carry over to Ohio.

Instead of staying tucked away inside, Ohioans are fully adjusted to mastering the storms and continuing life like there wasn’t three feet of snow to walk through.  Look up pictures of an Ohio winter and you’ll see people bundled in layers to look like The Christmas Story.

Hopefully they can still move their arms!


Ohio is a wonderful state with extremely friendly people.  No matter where you look, that is probably going to be the number one benefit: the people.  Even though there are several cons to the state there are an equal amount of pros.

Finding the right area to settle down is difficult so hopefully these pros and cons will help give peace of mind.

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