How to Use Goldwell Color Lock Serum

Goldwell Color Lock Serum

This is my new little extravagance to add this additional lift for my colored hair. It is utilized subsequent to coloring your hair. I love the smell, it has a brilliant scent and shields hair from heat . Goldwell Color Lock Serum is incredible, weightless consideration for unmanageable, colored hair. This astounding serum is blurring of the color from which the color endures longer. Why you should Apply Vitamin C Serum guarantees that the color is serious and seals. It just so happens, this serum disturb the hair, so volume isn’t lost.

How to utilize

You should utilize serum application straightforwardly subsequent to coloring your hair, utilizing a customary cleanser. When you wind the cap the item blends and change the color to pink. Apply serum on towel dry, clean hair.
Try not to wash.

This is phenomenal item. I color mama hair at home so this is my main should have hair items. This is an expert item that you can purchase in beauticians’ goldwell leave-in treatment. You can likewise arrange on the web. I have purchased this serum for thick hair however it is additionally accessible for typical to fine hair.

Product Details

A super rich color holding leave-in serum Contains extraordinary Fade Stop Formula Complex that fortifies hair color atoms Blended with creative Goldwell Color Lock Serum Complex highlighting color defensive pomegranate embodiment Infused with Raspberry Seed Oil to recover and yet again assemble hair structure Minimizes color blurring to a base and gives weightless consideration Hair seems restored and better looking with splendid color Ideal for thick to coarse, color-treated hair.

Goldwell Dualsenses Color Extra Rich Lock Serum

Serum for thick to coarse, color-treated hair.

  • Demonstrated delayed color maintenance up to 22 washes.
  • In a flash examines color
  • Increases color splendor
  • Gives rich consideration

Hair type

This item is reasonable for thick and coarse colored hair.


Goldwell Color Lock Serum Complex is implanted with Raspberry Seed Oil which diminishes color blurring to a base while heightening color splendor and giving sustaining care. Colored hair is left more splendid and delectably scrubbed for a better, more brilliant sparkle. FadeStopFormula of the cleanser effectively fortifies the mooring of the color atoms.

Goldwell Color Lock Serum

How would you utilize Goldwell serum?

  • Utilize a modest quantity Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Leave-In Serum.
  • Spread this over the towel dry hair.
  • Allow it to splash. 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Try not to wash.

How would you utilize Goldwell color additional rich serum?

Actuate. Shake well and work through wet or towel-dried hair. Leave in. Goldwell Color Lock Serum: circulates fundamental consideration fixings rapidly and equally and shields from color-become dull.

How would you utilize Goldwell Dualsenses blondies and features?

Circulate through wet hair, knead into a foam, flush completely. Follow with Blondes and Highlights Conditioner for best outcomes.

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