How To Cure Nettle Sting Fast

Cure Nettle Sting

Stinging nettle rash occurs when the skin comes into contact with stinging nettles. Stinging nettles are plants that are commonly found in many areas of the world. They have herbal properties and grow in the same places every year. Both the stems and the leaves of stinging nettles are covered by structures that look like hairs but are delicate and hollow. These “hairs” act like needles when they come into contact with the Cure Nettle Sting. Chemicals flow through them into the skin, which causes a stinging sensation and a rash.

It wouldn’t be the great outdoors without its share of obstacles and surprises – and sometimes, that includes nettle stings. Nettle stings are certainly the less fun part about Cure Jellyfish Sting. The good news is that with a good stinging nettle remedy on hand, you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

People will be able to treat most cases of stinging nettle rash with home treatments, which can usually relieve the symptoms within a few hours. In some cases, stinging nettles may cause a severe allergic reaction, and a person will require immediate medical Cure Nettle Sting. In this article, we look at the symptoms and at-home treatment of stinging nettle rash, as well as prevention tips and when to seek medical help.

Symptoms of rash

Stinging nettle rash presents as raised bumps or hives that are often light in color and up to a centimeter in diameter. The skin surrounding the hives may be red. The area of the skin that’s affected depends upon how much of the skin has come into contact with the stinging nettles.

A stinging sensation is usually felt upon contact with the nettles. Afterward, the rash commonly feels itchy.

In rare cases, some people may have an allergic reaction to Cure Nettle Sting. In these cases, medical attention should be sought immediately as this can be life-threatening.

The symptoms of a severe allergic reaction to stinging nettles are:

  • tightness in the chest or throat
  • difficulty breathing
  • wheezing
  • swelling in the mouth, including the tongue or lips
  • a rash in areas that haven’t come into contact with the nettles (this can be all over the body)
  • stomach cramps
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea

Treating the rash at home

If there is no allergic reaction, there are many methods that can be used at home to help relieve the symptoms of stinging nettle rash.

Immediate treatment

It’s important to try not to touch the rash for the first 10 minutes after receiving the sting. This is because if the chemicals are allowed to dry on the skin, they’re easier to remove.

Cure Nettle Sting
2FNWH1X Young boy rubbing his knee with a dock leaf to treat a nettle sting

Any touching or rubbing could push the chemicals deeper into the skin and cause the reaction to be more severe and last longer.

After 10 minutes, use soap and water to wash away the chemicals from the surface of the Cure Nettle Sting. This can often be enough to greatly reduce or completely remove any pain, itching, or swelling. A clean cloth can be used, if you aren’t close to soap and water, until the area can be cleaned properly.

After cleaning, use a sturdy tape to remove any remaining fibers from the skin. If the tape isn’t effective enough, you can try a wax strip hair-removal product.

Longer-term relief

If you take the measures described above, then you’ll usually get relief quickly. But sometimes the effects of the sting can last for up to 24 hours.

For relief during this time, try using the juices from a dock plant or a jewelweed plant. Both of these plants can usually be found in the same areas as stinging nettles.

Dock plant leaves are big, oval in shape, and have rounded tips and wavy edges. The lower leaves have red stems. If you crush some of the leaves and apply them to the skin, it can provide relief. There is no scientific evidence to support this practice, but it’s been widely used as a treatment for stinging nettle rash for hundreds of years.

You can apply cool compresses for relief. You can also try aloe vera and a paste made from baking soda and water. Anything that you put on the skin should be dabbed, not rubbed.

When to seek medical assistance if a nettle sting remedy doesn’t help

Most people won’t require any extra treatment, but you should seek medical attention if the Cure Nettle Sting or itching is significant, and home remedies don’t make any difference. Some people can be allergic to nettle stings, and require help straight away. Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Breathing problems
  • Abdominal pain
  • Swelling beneath the skin
  • Tremor
  • Faintness
  • Co-ordination loss
  • Weakness in the muscles

If you experience any of these, seek urgent medical assistance. The final four symptoms can occur if you’ve been exposed to nettles for a prolonged period of time, or if a large amount of your skin has been affected.


Stinging nettle rashes can be painful and itchy, but they usually resolve within a few days. Home treatments, such as washing the area with soapy water and taking OTC pain relievers, may help ease the symptoms.

If people have severe, long lasting, or worsening symptoms, they can see their doctor. Anyone who has a severe allergic reaction to Cure Nettle Sting will need immediate medical care.

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