Butter London Teddy Girl Eyeshadow Palette [Review] in 2022

Butter London Teddy Girl Eyeshadow Palette Review

Meet the Teddy Girl Eyeshadow Palette which consolidates the resistant edge of margarine LONDON and the defiant soul of Britain’s Teddy Girls. This profoundly pigmented 9-piece eyeshadow range resuscitates the 1950s to give proper respect to the appealing, pointedly fit Butter London Teddy Girl Eyeshadow Palette Review (the first cool young ladies) and their defiant fashionista soul. Play by your own guidelines with buildable, wearable shades with serious shading result in a blend of shameless matte, couple chrome, shine and metallic completions.

To prepare you for days and evenings of resistance, Teddy Girl gives you bigger shadows of a couple of your prospective most loved shades to combine with more modest, striking accent tones for exploring eye cosmetics looks that are pretty much as intense or muffled as you need them to be. The simple to-convey, reflected minimal makes for simple final details and interminable day or night eye cosmetics looks with a dash of revolutionary glitz!

Spread London is REALLY emerging with a few truly dazzling eyeshadow ranges! Certainly, eyeshadows aren’t new to the brand using any and all means (their Glazen ranges are TDF) yet over the most recent 2 months I’ve gotten two eyeshadow ranges from them that have been especially the matte shades and you realize love mattes.

Got the Butter London Teddy Boy eyeshadow range from one of the Boxy Charm Pop ups some time back. There was a catastrophe with conveyance and when it showed up was somewhat depleted by it and placed it into my shadow cabinet. There  immediately failed to remember it. Over the course of the end of the week did a shadow range clean up, butter london teddy girl nail polish (Post on that will be going up Monday) and found it again and acknowledged  had not really attempted it. So it went into my cosmetics sack to attempt this week.

What’s About Butter London Teddy

The Butter London Teddy Girl Eyeshadow Palette is a “fun, exceptionally pigmented 9-piece eye shadow range” that “restores the 1950s to give proper respect to the charming, Butter London Teddy Girl Eyeshadow Palette Review strongly fit Teddy Girls and their defiant soul”. Each tone is supposed to be rich, buildable, wearable for ordinary and convey exceptional shading result.


  • I’m totally floored by the Butter London Teddy Girl Eyeshadow Palette, like Buttah Skincare. Each shade is really smooth and simple to work with yet those mattes are barely amazing. I’m adding Butter London to the exceptionally short rundown of brands. That would like an all matte unbiased eyeshadow range. Like it could take their matte equation and 100 percent make my fantasy range.
  • Over preliminary the tones endured the entire day and you can amp up the gleams/metallics by applying them wet to a tacky base. Like mine somewhat more downplayed so as observed that utilizing them dry was above and beyond.
  • Likewise actually rapidly, the bundling is phenomenal. It’s not the standard open and shut minimal but rather opens as a twofold entryway. A mirror on one side and “looking great dahling” on the other. loving that it’s unique and simple to hold. But the side you’re not holding open starts to close a little so you wouldn’t. The option to set it up and utilize that mirror while applying.

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