Best Homemade Yogurt Drinks in 2021

Best yogurt drink

If you buy any drinkable yogurt from the market, you have to pay $2-$10. But if you make a yogurt drink at home you can save a lot of money and obviously your children will love this drink and as well many parents prefer yogurt drink rather than many other carbohydrate drinks.

Nowadays where almost every type of edible thing (known as packed food) is easily accessible in the hypermarkets, but still world well-known nutritionists recommend the homemade drinkable yogurt.

Many of the yogurt drinks you find on the shelves of any superstore or market have the following disadvantages

  • Preservatives Added
  • Extra Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Different Chemicals

If you make a homemade yogurt drink, you will be safe from all of the above-mentioned ingredients that exist in most of the yogurt drinks. You can stay healthy and keep safe yourself and your loved ones by making homemade yogurt drink.

What is Drinkable Yogurt

This drink is a combination of yogurt, milk, nectar, and natural product mixed into a delightful and invigorating chilled drink.

It has the consistency of kefir yet less tang and includes no aging, so in case you’re into kefir or need to attempt it, this formula is an incredible choice to begin.

The majority of the locally acquired yogurt drinks our child’s adoration depend vigorously on sugars and fake flavors to balance the tang of yogurt. It’s the reason we want to make them at home. So you have more authority over what goes into the yogurt drink.

In addition to my children can choose a flavor dependent on what organic product is accessible. Our number one choices incorporate strawberries, blueberries, and banana.

This homemade yogurt drink is named after her child, who pronounced it his number one formula in the book. I love that it’s a child agreeable beverage that is simply somewhat sweet and made with a couple of basic fixings. A lassi is a yogurt-based beverage mainstream in and Pakistan that is typically exquisite. Yet this one is improved with a touch of sugar and frozen natural product.

What is Home Made Drinkable Yogurt?

Homemade yogurt drink has multiple benefits as compared to ready-made yogurt drink. It seems difficult to prepare a homemade yogurt drink to most of us that how can you prepare delicious yogurt drink at your home.

homemade yogurt drink

The genuine advantage of making your own drinkable yogurt is that you control what goes into it. I attempted a few brands and found that the greater part of them were better than needed. In the event that you, in the same way as other individuals like me are attempting to eliminate sugar, this is a simple method to do it.

Furthermore in the event that you are an enthusiast of the stuff. You’re most likely burning through $1.50 – $2 per single-serving bottle. So clearly this is a more financially savvy strategy.

What do you need to make homemade yogurt?

To make any flavor of homemade yogurt drink almost every ingredient will be available in your kitchen. You can make Yogurt milk and sugar drink of any fruit that is available in your kitchen might be it’s frozen or fresh fruit. Below is the short list of ingredients you need to make a homemade yogurt drink.


  • Milk (plain or skimmed)
  • Yogurt (plain or greek)
  • Fruit (frozen or fresh)
  • Sugar

Most of these ingredients for a yogurt drink will be surely available in your kitchen. All you need is a little dedication to prepare a perfect and delicious homemade yogurt drink.

You can pick any frozen fruit like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, peach, banana, mango or any other fruit that satisfy your taste buds. From the health perspective always consider selecting the fresh fruits for yogurt drink according to the weather.

For Homemade yogurt drink, you also need some types of equipment or utensils that are most probably available in your kitchen. There are some equipment that will be needed to prepare a homemade yogurt drink. Following is the list to make homemade yogurt drink.


  • A simple jar (container)
  • A Blender
  • A Glass

Best yogurt drink

How do you prepare a homemade yogurt drink?

To prepare a homemade yogurt drink you need to gather all the equipment that were mentioned above and the ingredients. After the availability of both of these. You just need a recipe to make a delicious Homemade yogurt drinks. Preparing a delicious yogurt drink at home is an interesting and creative task.

  1. Take Fruits
  2. A Half Cup Greek Yogurt
  3. Honey
  4. Blend them for 3-4 minutes
  5. Pour into glass
  6. Serve or enjoy yourself 🙂

Make a Homemade Yogurt Drinks is an easy and interesting task. If you have a glass of milk, Drinkable Greek Yogurt, fruit, and sugar or honey then you are all set. Put all these ingredients on a shelf and place your blender on the shelf and a glass in which you will serve your homemade yogurt drink.

This shot form was made with extra-exceptional jam, handcrafted by the grandma of somebody I work with. He normally makes his own, however he had a great deal going on the earlier year, so his family stepped in to help. So the flawless shading in this cluster is from a blended strawberry-blueberry homemade jam.

Are Yogurt Drinks Healthy?

The best part about creation a formula, similar to this one, at home is that you set aside cash and you have authority over the fixings and kind of the formula. Commercial drinkable yogurts are loaded up with additional sugar and fixings that are handily precluded when made at home. A portion of the locally acquired drinks have added thickeners, corn syrup, and additives to keep it keep going on the rack.

You can utilize new or frozen natural product. Don’t hesitate to blend, your Plain yogurt drink together to make a mix! Get innovative! In the event that you have extras, freeze it in popsicles for some other time.

At that point, there’s the way that the fixing records in certain brands come up short. A portion of these yogurt drinks are made with refined sugars, contain fake tones and sugars, and no natural product! Truth be told, I regularly observe the words Strawberry Flavored directly on the bundling.

This formula for strawberry yogurt drinks is made with genuine organic product, milk .Greek yogurt for calcium and extra protein, and nectar as the a discretionary sugar. The fixing list can’t beat that.

What’s more, it’s versatile. This homemade variant can undoubtedly be made early and tasted in a hurry in a 3-4 ounce lidded compartment (accessible in numerous stores and on the web) that you can re-use it over and over.


Top with a cover and mix on medium-low until everything is smooth.

Pour and Chill

Separation the beverage between 4 drinking glasses and refrigerate for 60 minutes.

If you make a homemade yogurt drinks you have a higher level of freedom as compared to the ready-made yogurt like you have an extended range of flavors.

If you purchase from a market you will see only 6 to 8 flavors of yogurt drink at a shelf or rack. But when you make at home you have the freedom to choose the flavor depending on the availability of fruit at your home.

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