7 Steps to Follow to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Georgia

Medical marijuana has become very popular in the United States. Many states and territories have legalized medical cannabis for various conditions. It’s now legal because it’s a reliable and effective treatment for many diseases. For example, it can benefit those suffering from chronic pain or undergoing chemotherapy.

However, getting a medical marijuana card in Georgia isn’t as easy as it sounds. The state has strict laws that govern the use of medical cannabis. Fortunately, more and more people realize the benefits of this herb. As a result, people are searching for ways to get a card to use medical marijuana safely.

Here are seven simple steps to follow to get a Georgia medical marijuana card.

1. Learn About Cannabis Strains and Their Effects

The health benefits of cannabis stem from the active ingredients known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids interact with your body and cause positive changes. However, these changes are usually small and don’t happen for a while. Cannabinoids don’t interact with the human body like traditional medications.

Every plant within the Cannabis genus has different active ingredients. With different ingredients, different strains can help treat various conditions. You’ll want to find a cannabis strain that suits your situation.

2. Check Your Eligibility

You first need to check your eligibility and determine Georgia’s rules. The use of medical marijuana is only allowed for people who are suffering from certain diseases and conditions.

A physician can tell you whether you’re eligible for a medical marijuana card. People with certain conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, seizure disorders, cancer, and chronic pain, are qualified. However, you must also be a diagnosed patient with epilepsy. Those over 18 with a diagnosed condition are eligible for a Georgia medical marijuanas card.

3. Find a Doctor Who Will Certify Your Condition

In Georgia, the state does not allow physicians to prescribe medical marijuana. However, the state does allow doctors to certify that a patient qualifies for a card. This means you must find a physician who will certify your condition and ensure you are eligible for a card.

The process doesn’t stop at finding a doctor who will certify your condition. Next, you must find another physician who will get your certificate. Following these steps are essential. The reason it’s crucial is that Georgia has strict laws you must follow.

Furthermore, you must consistently get a new certificate to be valid. If not, it could become difficult for you to use medical marijuana legally. Therefore, finding someone who can issue you ongoing certificates would be best.

4. Sign Up for a Medical Marijuana Card

If you want to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, you will need a card. You can sign up for a medical marijuana card online. All you have to do is visit the Georgia Department of Public Health website. You’ll need to fill in basic information such as your name, address, and email address. After signing up, they will send over an application form. You have ten days to complete and return the form to get the process going.

5. Do a Background Check

You won’t be required to do a background check when applying for a medical marijuana card. But it’s highly recommended that you do so. A background check ensures that everything runs smoothly with the application process.

You can use an online form on The Department of Public Health’s website to check your background. It’s best to wait until you receive the results before finishing the rest of your application.

6. Pay the Fee

Now it’s time for you to pay the fee associated with your application. Georgia has set the fee at $75 per year. However, you may qualify for their medical marijuana program. To qualify, you must meet specific requirements. For example, you may be eligible if you have cancer or chronic pain.

7. Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

After applying, you can expect to receive your medical marijuana card within 30 days. But, first, make sure that everything is correct on the application. Forgetting to include something on the application could delay the process.

If there are any discrepancies on the application, it could take longer than 30 days for you to receive a card. Therefore, it’s best to give them all the correct information from the beginning. That way, you won’t run into any problems later.


Medical marijuana is an effective alternative treatment for many diseases and conditions. However, obtaining a card can take a while. The process is different depending on your condition. However, if you follow the correct process, you should be able to get your card in a matter of months.

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